Hi, I'm Alexis Peterka 👋

I use my curiosity 🤔 empathy 💕 passion for data 🤖 and talent for design to find out what people want, how they use it, and turn that knowledge into simple, intuitive experiences.

Explore my work

As a product designer with 10+ years experience, this is only a selection of what I've accomplished. Feel free to reach out to learn more.


  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Miro
  • Jira
  • Dropbox Paper
  • Storybook
  • Looker Studio
  • Webflow
  • Generative User Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Quantitative Research
  • Design Sprint Facilitation
  • Strategy and Discovery
  • Web and Mobile Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Rapid Prototyping