More about me

After graduating from Reed College with a degree in Art and a background in Graphic Design, I got my first job as a web designer. I loved being able to create with pixels and exploring what were, at the time, new technologies and techniques for presenting information.

I spent several years straddling the line between UX/UI design and front end web development before discovering user research (shout out to Steve Krug). Once I started validating concepts with customers, I decided to focus on UX and research, although I still enjoy dabbling in CSS.

I’ve since started guerilla user research programs at several SaaS companies, and even started my own company (which failed). While at Cvent, I discovered how gratifying it was to solve problems for B2B users, and realized that I’d rather build painkillers than vitamins.

I continue to work on big, hairy problems, marrying research and design to contribute at all stages of the product development process. At NationBuilder, I’m currently supporting design for two separate products as well as working on strategy for how we will integrate them.

I also write about design when I have a chance.